With the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on and two-way syncing with Google Calendar, you can create and complete tasks without ever leaving Google Calendar.

Add new tasks within Google Calendar

Activate Calendar syncing to use the Workspace Add-on

Before you can get started using the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on in Google Calendar, make sure to activate Calendar syncing from GQueues to get full functionality within Google Calendar.

Create tasks with the Workspace Add-on

The Google Workspace Add-on makes working with complex tasks from your Calendar that much easier. You can view assignments, comments, tags, subtasks, and recurrences right from the Calendar. That means you can get it all done from one place.

Just click the blue Q icon from the sidebar on the right side of your screen to open the Workspace sidebar.

The first time you use the Add-on, you’ll be asked to sign in.

Click Create New Task to begin creating your task.

Create a new task with the Google Workspace Add-on.

Your default queue is the Inbox. With the Workspace Add-on, you can change this by opening the dropdown menu and choosing which queue you want to create the task in.

After choosing the queue, create your task directly from the sidebar. Once the task is created, give it a few seconds to sync before it appears on your calendar.

View and edit tasks with the Workspace Add-on

With the Workspace Add-on, you can view full task details by first opening the Add-on by clicking the blue Q from the sidebar, and then clicking on the calendar event of that task. You will see the event display in the calendar as well as on the sidebar on the right-hand side of your screen.

View and edit tasks within Google Calendar using the Workspace Add-on.

If you do want to view the task in GQueues, you can simply follow the link from the Add-on.

Open tasks in GQueues from the link in the Workspace Add-on.

Two-way syncing means you can make changes to tasks from your calendar OR from GQueues and they will stay up-to-date in real-time, saving you precious clicks.

Change the date and time from GQueues or Google Calendar.

Speaking of saving clicks, you can make edits to your task directly from the Add-on sidebar.

Add comments, view subtasks, assign to your team members, write notes, add tags, change the date, time, reminders, and task duration.

View full task details and make edits with the Workspace Add-on.

Complete tasks from Google Calendar with the Workspace Add-on

Once the Workspace Add-on is enabled you can also mark tasks complete from Google Calendar!

Your tasks still conveniently appear as events in your Calendar, and now they display from the Add-on with a checkbox so that you can easily mark things complete as you go through your day.

Simply check the box from the Workspace Add-on to complete your task.

Mark your task complete from the Add-on

The GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on is an essential tool for minimizing the steps you need to take to create and manage your projects, saving you valuable time. When you use the Workspace Add-on with Google Calendar, keeping up with your life becomes much simpler, and that’s what really matters.

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