With Google login, it's a breeze to get to your tasks. No need to create a different password for GQueues, and if you log in to your Google Account in a different tab or in Chrome itself, the next time you open GQueues, you won't have to log in separately.

How does Google login work?

Sign in to GQueues with your Google email

Whether you have a Gmail address or a Google Workspace email, all you need to do to access GQueues is enter your Gmail or Google Workspace email address and password.

Sign in to GQueues using your Google email and password.

Then you're done! You'll be redirected to GQueues and signed in with your Google Account.

Security and privacy

GQueues uses Google's secure authentication system built on the OAuth 2.0 protocol. This allows you to securely sign in to GQueues without giving GQueues access to your Google credentials.

GQueues does not have access to your Google Account password. To update your password or any other info in your Google Account go to myaccount.google.com

What's next?

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