Access your tasks from your home screen in the Android app

How to create and work with widgets, shortcuts, and the DashClock extension

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Having your tasks on your home screen makes it even easier to see what's on your plate. For the queues you're in a lot, or for those high priority tasks you don't want to lose track of. Here are some options to set default queues or to see a dashboard of your tasks right when you open your phone!

Home screen widgets

To add a GQueues widget to your home screen open the widgets screen and scroll to the GQueues widgets.

Add widgets from the Widgets menu.

Quick View Widget

View tasks from any queue, smart queue or tag directly on your home screen or lock screen with the Quick View widget.

❗️Please Note: Saved Searches are not available to display in widgets, so they are not shown as options under Smart Queues.

Tap the plus(+) button to add a task to this queue without leaving the home screen.

Tap the queue title to open the GQueues app to that specific queue.

Quick view widget.

Tap any task in the widget to see details without leaving the home screen. Swipe left or right to see the previous and next task in the queue.

View tasks from the widget.

👉 Pro Tip: Use the Quick View widget to access queues you're frequently working with like you would set a default queue on the desktop.

Quick Actions Widget

From the Widgets panel, tap and hold the GQueues Quick Actions widget and drag it to your home screen.

 Choose the Quick Actions widget from the Widgets menu and drag it to the home screen

Now you can tap the icons to speak a new task, type a new task, search your tasks or just open the app.

Shortcut Widget

From the Widgets panel tap and hold the GQueues Shortcut widget and drag it to your home screen.

A configuration screen will appear where you can select which queue you would like the shortcut to open.

Choose your queue.

Choose your settings and tap Create Shortcut.

Now you can tap the shortcut to directly open GQueues to the queue you specified.

Tap the shortcut to view the queue.

You can add multiple shortcuts to your home screen and resize them as desired.

Home screen shortcuts

You can add Android home screen shortcuts to create a new task or open any queue, smart queue or tag.

Home screen shortcuts.

To create a shortcut for a queue choose Create Shortcut from the menu.

Create a home screen shortcut.

To create a shortcut for adding new tasks go to Settings, Shortcuts and tap the one you want.

Choose your shortcuts.
View shortcuts.

Tapping the shortcut allows you to create a task in your Inbox without leaving the home screen.

Tap the shortcut to create a task.

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