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How to create tasks, install, uninstall, and configure the extension

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The GQueues for Gmail Chrome extension was the original way you could create tasks out of emails. The extension is still available, but it only works in Chrome on the web.

To turn any Gmail email into a task, no matter what browser you use, or from the Gmail app on your mobile device, check out the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on. It can do everything the extension can, plus you can mark tasks complete from Google calendar and access your tasks from Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

If you are still using the Gmail extension, here's how to use it 😊

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Install the Extension

The GQueues for Gmail Chrome Extension is available only for GQueues users with a paid subscription or free trial account.

Click the button below to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

When prompted, click Add extension.

Add extension to your browser.

Once installed, a new Create Task button will appear in Gmail. (You may need to refresh the Gmail web page after initial install.)

Create tasks

To turn an email into a task click the new Create Task button that appears when you are viewing an email.

Click the checkmark icon to create a task from Gmail.

The email subject is automatically inserted as the task description.

Preview the new task details from the Chrome extension pop-up window

Modify and add the necessary information for the task and click the Create Task button.

Edit and add task details as needed

Associate emails

There are two ways to associate an email with a new task: linking and attaching.

Link or attach the email to a task with the GQueues for Gmail Chrome extension

Link to this email - This option inserts a link to the email into the notes of the task. When you view the task in GQueues, you can click the link which will open up the actual email thread in Gmail.

Attach this email - This option attaches a copy of the email (and any email attachments) to the task itself. This option is ideal when you are sharing the task or assigning it to someone else. Since others don't have access to your email account, by attaching a copy of the email to the task you allow others to see the email directly inside GQueues.

The first time you click Attach this email you may be prompted to authorize GQueues to access Gmail and Google Drive so that it can save and attach emails to tasks.

You can set the default way to associate an email with a task by configuring the extension settings.

View attached emails

When you create a task using the Attach this email option a copy of the email is attached to the task.

Click the attachment to view the email attached to the task

Click the attachment to view the email directly inside of GQueues.

View the attached email without ever leaving GQueues

Configure settings

To configure the extension settings click on the Create Task button and then on the gear button at the top right of the popup window.

Click the gear icon to configure your extension settings

Here you can set a new default queue, the default email association method (link, attach, or both), toggle the keyboard shortcut, and manage your GQueues account connection.

Set your preferred default queue, keyboard shortcut to create a task, default email association method, or manage your GQueues account connection.

Refresh account data

The extension periodically syncs with your GQueues account in the background to ensure it is using the most current list of queues, tags and assignees.

If recent changes were made in your account that aren't appearing in the extension you can click the Refresh button to force a sync and see the latest data.

Refresh account data to sync any recent changes in GQueues to the extension

Reauthorize access

If GQueues has lost access to your Gmail account you can re-authorize access to get things working again. Go to the extension settings by clicking on the checkmark button and then on the gear button at the top right of the popup window.

Open the extension settings

Click on the Reauthorize Gmail Access button and a window will appear where you can grant access.

Reauthorize Gmail access

Once you have reauthorized access you should be able to create tasks from emails again.

Use with the reading pane

The extension works with the reading pane too!

Click the checkmark button to create a task from the email you are currently previewing.

Open the GQueues for Gmail extension while using the reading pane in Gmail

Use with multiple accounts

The GQueues for Gmail Extension can only be linked to one GQueues account, so if you login to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time, in the same browser window, the extension will only work with the email account to which it is linked.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts that are connected to respective GQueues accounts, you may wish to use the extension with each account. Check out this article to find out more about how to use GQueues extensions with multiple accounts.

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