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Fix common display issues

If GQueues doesn't look how you'd expect, you might have inadvertently changed your layout. Here's how to tell and how to help.

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GQueues gives you flexibility to change how your tasks are displayed and how much information to see at once. This is great if you really want to focus in on something, but if you close out a side panel without realizing it, you might end up a bit lost!

If GQueues isn't showing you all the information you expect, here are some steps you can take to get it back 😊

Left hand panel missing

If your left hand panel is missing, making it so you can't navigate between queues, you can expand it by clicking the Main menu button in the upper left, next to the GQueues logo.

GQueues will remember how you leave your display. So if you come back to your computer and the panel is gone, try expanding it with the menu button! That should bring it back.

Activity panel missing

If you can't find your right hand panel, you can expand it by clicking the information icon on the upper right side of the screen.

Remember that GQueues saves these settings, so when you leave and come back, things will be just how you left them.

Panels and search bar missing

If you suddenly find you can't access the left hand panel or the search bar...or settings, notification, the help menu, you've probably inadvertently entered full screen mode!

Luckily, there are lots of options to exit full screen:

From the More menu

Open the queue More menu and select Exit full screen.

Press exit button

When you're in full screen, you should see a grey bar at the bottom of the screen with the text Exit full screen. Click this bar to bring all the panels and menus back into view.

Exit fullscreen mode.

Keyboard shortcut

You can toggle in and out of full screen mode by pressing shift + f. Just make sure you're not editing any task details, otherwise you'll just add a capital F to the end of the task name. πŸ˜‰

Press shift plus the f key to enter and exit full screen mode

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