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Configure your workspace to meet your needs
Configure your workspace to meet your needs

Orient yourself to GQueues’ layout and customize it to fit your preferences.

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GQueues’ default settings are aimed to give users a great experience. But we know everyone doesn’t work in the same way and your needs will change over time. GQueues is built so you can make the adjustments to fit your work style.

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Understand your GQueues dashboard

Left hand panel

The left hand panel is where you go to view your tasks. There are a few different blocks within the panel to help you organize your work:

My Queues is where you create and organize queues that are only relevant to you.

Personalize your queues from the left-hand panel.

Team Queues is where you view and create collaborative Teams, only available with a GQueues for BUSINESS subscription.

Arrange your Team Queues.

The Inbox block contains the Inbox, Assignments and Trash.

Check out your Inbox, Assignments, and Trash queues.

Smart Queues are dynamic queues that will show you tasks that meet certain criteria.

Create and manage your Smart Queues.

When another user shares one of their My Queues with you, it will show up in your account under the Shared with me block.

View queues shared with you.

The Tags block is where you go to see all the tags for your account and edit ones you’ve already created.

Create and manage your tags.

Current queue

The largest part of the page shows the queue you currently have selected. You can scroll through the active and archived tasks, mark them complete, make edits, and view queue details from here.

Current queue shown in lefthand panel and in center of screen

Customize your GQueues dashboard

Reorder blocks

Drag the title of any block in the left-hand panel to change its order. As your needs change, you can make sure the queues you access most are at the top of your screen.

Reorder blocks in your lefthand panel

Expand and collapse blocks

Click the black arrow to expand or collapse a block. GQueues will remember the state of each block the next time you log in.

Expand and collapse blocks in the lefthand panel

Resize panels

You can resize the left and right panels by clicking and dragging the separator bars.

Resize the left and right panels by clicking and dragging

Close panels

You can close the left-hand panel by clicking the Main menu at the upper left corner. Close the right-hand panel by clicking the x in the panel’s upper right corner.

Click the X to close the right hand panel. Click the main menu in the upper left to expand and collapse the left hand panel.

In order to provide the best experience for small screens, GQueues will automatically close the left and right panels when your browser window is less than 1100 pixels wide. But you can still reopen them with their respective buttons.

Change theme

GQueues offers two different layout themes for your tasks. You can switch between themes from the Settings menu.

Choose between the two new themes.

The new Line Theme is more spacious and separates your tasks with a gray divider:

GQueues tasks with the more open theme

If you prefer to see your tasks outlined in their own container, try the Box Theme:

GQueues tasks with the boxed theme

Dark mode

You can further customize your dashboard by switching between light and dark mode under Appearance in the Settings menu.

Choose between Light and Dark Mode.

GQueues in dark mode

Display density

You'll start out in the Comfortable density, which offers a large font size and plenty of space to take in all the details for a task.

You can change your display density from the Settings menu.

Choose between three display densities.

If you want to see more tasks on your screen at once, switch to the Compact density.

To see as many tasks at once as possible, try Compressed.

Tasks in GQueues viewed in Compressed density

Full screen mode

To focus entirely on a set of tasks, enter full screen mode by selecting Full Screen from the queue's More menu.

Enter fullscreen mode from the More menu.

You can also type Shift + F to toggle between full screen mode.

Enter and exit fullscreen mode

Click the link at the bottom to exit full screen mode

Exit fullscreen mode.

Turn off animations

By default, you'll see some confetti when you complete all tasks in a queue. It's important to celebrate those wins! But if you'd prefer not to see those animations, you can turn them off from the Account tab in your settings.

You can turn off animated celebrations from the Account tab in GQueues settings

Once you’re familiar with the layout of the GQueues dashboard, you’re ready to jump into creating tasks and get organized!

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