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Manage licenses for your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription
Manage licenses for your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

How to issue, revoke, and reassign licenses for your team

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Whether you’re issuing licenses on a brand new account, expanding your team, or just changing up who has access, here’s all the basics you need to successfully manage your GQueues for BUSINESS licenses.

Access your licenses

You’ll need to be logged in as the license admin in order to manage licenses. If you’ve installed GQueues on your Google Workspace domain and added that domain to your subscription, then any Super Admin will be able to manage GQueues licenses, too!

Licenses in your BUSINESS subscription can be issued to or revoked from users by going to the Account tab of GQueues Settings.

If you’re a license admin, you'll see the option to manage licenses for your domain. Click manage to open your BUSINESS Subscription Page and see a full list of who is currently licensed and how many licenses are still available for use.

Select Manage to adjust licenses for your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

If you’re not the license admin you won't have access to this page, but their email address is listed at the top so you can contact them to make any license changes.

Issue licenses

There are three ways you can issue licenses to your team members.

👉 Pro Tip: The license admin designated on the GQueues for BUSINESS order form does NOT automatically get issued a license, so if the admin wants access to all of GQueues paid features they will need to issue themselves a license.

1) Issue a license to a user by entering their email address and clicking Issue License. You can issue BUSINESS licenses to anyone, even users outside your domain.

Issue License button on the GQueues for BUSINESS Subscription Management Page

2) If you’ve installed GQueues on your Google Workspace and added a domain to your subscription, you can select from the list of users on your domain by hovering your cursor over their email address and clicking issue license.

Issue license from list of Domain users on GQueues for BUSINESS Subscription Management Page

3) If you’re working with a large team and managing several licenses, have GQueues automatically issue your licenses for you to save time! As long as licenses are available, anyone who signs up for an account with an email @ your domain will be automatically issued a license so you don’t have to do the work later on.

Click Yes to automatically issue available licenses.

Click yes to have GQueues automatically issue licenses.

❗️Please Note: You should also add your domain to your subscription so we know what email addresses are connected to your subscription.

This is a great option if you have LOTS of licenses to manage, or want to make sure everyone on your domain gets their license as soon as they sign in so you’re all on the same page. However, if you only want certain teams to be issued licenses or you prefer to do this manually, you can turn this feature off by selecting No.

Revoke licenses

To revoke a license, go to the Users with Licenses box from your Subscription Management Page. Here, hover your cursor over the user whose license you wish to remove to reveal the revoke license button. Click to revoke that user's license.

Revoke license link on GQueues for BUSINESS Subscription Management Page

❗️Please Note: When you revoke a user's license, their account switches to GQueues LITE. Any data they added to My Queues they retain. Any data they added to Teams remains in the team, but they no longer have access to it.

Reassign Licenses

To move a license from one user to another, all you have to do is revoke it from the person who currently has it. Then your "Available licenses" count will increase by one, and that license is free to assign to the new user!

Managing accounts doesn’t have to be difficult. As a license admin, GQueues gives you the power to create effective teams and the flexibility to move through change with ease.

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