Manage team calendar reminders

Enable and disable reminders for teams on your account

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You can choose to receive or disable reminders to help you keep up with team updates.

Change whether you receive team reminders

Setting up reminders is a great way to keep track of your tasks and stay up-to-date with your teams. Team members with the role of Collaborator or higher can choose if they want to receive reminders for their team tasks. Reminders are never sent to completers, commenters, or viewers.

In order for anyone on the team to adjust their reminders, the team owner will need to activate calendar syncing for that team.

When you adjust reminders for your account, it will not affect reminders for your team members.

To enable team reminders for your account, go to the team’s dropdown menu and click Reminders.

Set up team reminders from the team dropdown menu.

Then, click Enable reminders to turn reminders on.

Enable reminders for teams.

If you prefer not to have reminders enabled to reduce distraction from your most important tasks, you can easily disable them from this same menu.

Click Disable reminders to turn reminders off.

Disable reminders for teams.

You can always return to this menu if you decide you want reminders enabled again!

❗️Please Note: If you change the reminder for a team task directly in Google Calendar those changes will NOT sync back to the task in GQueues, and they will not sync to other team members' calendars.

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