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Achieve ultimate productivity by taking advantage of these features

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GQueues’ basic features give you the building blocks to keep you organized. Now check out some of our favorites to take you to the next level.

Top three GQueues features

Google Calendar Syncing

With GQueues’ Google Calendar Syncing, your GQueues tasks sync with your Google Calendar, giving you another format to view your tasks, and keeping all the demands on your time in one place. You can create tasks in either place and they’ll show in both. This also enables you to set reminders on your tasks 😍

👉 Pro Tip: Install the Google Workspace Add-on as well so you can see full task details and mark them complete directly from Google Calendar.

Google Chrome Extension

The GQueues Chrome Extension lets you create tasks from any web page so you can easily add new tasks while using Chrome without opening up GQueues itself. It’s a great way to capture tasks that pop into your head while browsing or create tasks from web pages you visit 🎉

GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on

Never let an important task get lost in email again! With the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on, you can create new tasks out of emails, modify tasks, and complete tasks directly from Gmail. Plus you can access and modify your tasks from Calendar and Drive too! 🤩

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