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Introduction to categories
Introduction to categories

Learn how to create, rename, move, and delete categories in GQueues

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Categories are the top-level organization for your personal tasks within GQueues. You can’t have a queue without a category for it to live in. Here’s what you need to know to get started customizing your workspace.

👉 Pro Tip: If you want to create a collaborative workspace with others, try using Teams instead of categories. They offer the same organization as categories but can be shared.

Add a category

To add a category, navigate to the My Queues block and select Add Category from the dropdown menu.

Add a category from the left-hand panel.

A new category folder will be created where you can give it a name.

Expand/Collapse a category

You can expand a category to view all the queues within it or collapse it to hide them while you focus on other areas.

To do this, you simply click on the category name or the arrow just to its left. If the category is already expanded, this will collapse it, and vice versa.

Expand and collapse categories in the lefthand panel

You can also expand or collapse all categories within a block by selecting Expand All Categories or Collapse All Categories from the block’s dropdown menu.

Expand and collapse your categories.

Reorder categories

To move a category to a different spot in your block, click on its name and drag it where you want it to go

Drag and drop categories to reorder them in the lefthand panel

Rename a category

To edit a category name, hover over the category to click the dropdown menu and select Rename.

Rename your categories.

Type the new category name in the pop-up window.

Rename your category.

Delete a category

Before you delete your category, you must first move or delete any queues within it. Once you’ve done that, you can choose Delete from the category’s dropdown menu to remove it from your account.

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