Search for tagged tasks across multiple teams

How to search for tasks with the same tag when they live in several different teams

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One of the great things about Teams is you can create tags for everyone on your team to use, without them all needing to make their own copies in their personal accounts. Here’s all you need to know about searching for tagged tasks in your account.

Search for a tag in a single team

Once you’ve applied a tag to tasks on a specific team, clicking on that tag from the tag block in the left hand panel brings up tasks with that tag only for that team.

See tagged tasks within a single team from the tag block

You can also click on the tag from the task itself, and GQueues will show you other tasks in that team with the same tag.

See tagged tasks within a single team by clicking on a tag within a task

Search tags across My Queues and Teams

If you’ve created the same tag across multiple teams, or in your My Queues and a team, you can use Smart Queues to see any tasks with that tag across your entire account.

Create a Smart Queue to search for a tag across your whole account

If you have the same tag across Teams and My Queues, you can create a smart queue to search tasks across your entire account with that tag. Just make sure to include tasks with any one of these tags, and select the correct tag from the dropdown.

Create a Smart Queue to search for tasks with a certain tag
Smart Queue set up to search for tasks with the tag Priority: HIGH

Even though there might technically be multiple copies of that tag in your account, selecting any of them in the Smart Queue Settings will bring up all tasks with that tag, as long as they also match any other criteria you lay out.

Smart Queue results for tasks from multiple teams with the same tag

👉 Pro Tip: Use Advanced Search to search for tagged tasks in targeted queues in your account for even more specialized reports.

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