As long as you are the owner or manager of a team, you can add, reorder, and delete queues within that team. Any changes you make will be reflected for all team members.

Add a queue to a team

Similar to adding a queue in a Category within My Queues, you can add a queue to a Team by clicking the team’s dropdown and selecting Add queue.

Add a queue to a team from the lefthand panel

Delete a queue in a team

Just like in your My Queues, to delete a queue from a team, click the queue’s dropdown menu and select Delete queue.

Delete a queue from a team in the lefthand panel

Move Team Queues

Move queues within a team

Queue can be reordered within a team by dragging and dropping them in their new position.

Drag and drop to reorder queues within a team

Move queues into a team

To move a queue from your My Queues into a team, or from one team into another, you’ll need to use the team import function. You must be the team owner to do this.

  1. Start in the team where you want the queue moved to

  2. Open Team Settings and navigate to the Import tab

  3. Under Import from my Account select Choose queues

  4. Choose the queue(s) you want to move and click Continue.

  5. Confirm your selections and import into your team.

    1. To make a copy of the queues in your team, click Import.

    2. To move the queues to the team, click Import & Delete Existing Queues.

Move queues from a team into My Queues

To move a queue from a team into your My Queues, you’ll need to export the queue and import it into your personal account.

  1. Export the queue you’d like to move

  2. Import the file into your account

This will create a copy of the queue in your My Queues. To completely move the queue rather than simply copy it, you will also need to delete it from its original team.

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