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Using Teams for shared organization
Import data for easy transition to Teams
Import data for easy transition to Teams

Upload existing queues to a team, import from a backup file, and complete one-time import from Google Tasks

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Thanks to the import feature, getting started with teams is super easy, even when your tasks and queues are already organized elsewhere. You can also create teams from a backup file when you import existing data into your team for a seamless transition between projects.

Upload your existing data to a team

To import data to a new team, you have to be the team owner.

Open Team Settings and go to the Import tab.

Access Team Settings from the drop down menu.

Then, choose how you want to import. You can import other queues from your account, data from any GQueues Backup CSV file, or lists from Google Tasks.

Import data from the Import tab.

Import queues from your account

To import queues from your My Queues, queues shared with you, or queues from other teams, select Choose queues... under Import from my account.

Import queues from your account.

Simply select the queues you want to import and click Continue.

Select which queues you'd like to import.

Choose between two options for the import process:

1) Click Import to copy the queues into your team. This is especially useful if you have existing template queues you want to re-use.

Import the queues to your team.

2) Click Import & Delete Existing Queues to reduce confusion by removing duplicate queues. This moves each queue from their original team or category into your team so there is only one instance of the queue.

Import and delete existing queues to avoid duplicates.

The green checkmarks indicate that the queues are done being imported. Click Continue to complete the process.

Confirm the queues you'd like to import.

Import from backup CSV

Regularly backing up your teams using the export feature is a great way to make sure that if anything happens, like accidentally deleting important information, you can upload your backup CSV to restore team data. If you do end up accidentally deleting something that’s been backed up, you can use this import process to restore that data so it’s not lost.

To import queues from a GQueues Backup CSV file, select Choose file... under Import from Backup.

Import from a backup CSV file.

The queues and tasks in the backup file will be added to the team.

❗️Please Note: Importing queues will NOT replace existing queues with the same name, so you may end up with duplicates that you need to delete.

Import from Google Tasks

If you want to import lists from Google Tasks to migrate your work to GQueues, select Choose lists... under Import from Google Tasks

Import from Google Tasks for a one-time migration.

Then select the lists you want to import and click Continue.

Choose which lists you'd like to import into GQueues.

Once you confirm your selections, click Import Lists.

Confirm which lists you'd like to import.

❗️Please Note: This is a one-time import from Google Tasks. Once you've moved your tasks to GQueues, we recommend deleting the tasks in Google Tasks, since changes made by you and collaborators are only visible within GQueues.

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