Export team data so you never lose a thing

Back up your team queues by exporting the data

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Mistakes happen! Regularly backing up your data is a great way to keep your information safe even if queues are accidentally deleted by team members. If you want to make sure information is saved for teams you own, exporting the data is a piece of cake. 🍰

How to export team data

GQueues performs regular backups of your information, so you can trust it’s safe! However, it’s still a good practice to save your team data, that way you can recover your previous work whenever you need to for any reason. When you export team data, a backup file will be saved to your computer.

As the team owner, you can easily export data for all the queues in your team at once from the Team Settings. Any team member can export individual queues from teams at any time, but only the owner can export the whole team.

Open the team dropdown menu from the left side panel and select Team Settings.

Export team data from Team Settings.

Next, navigate to the Export tab and click the Export Team Data button to export all queues and tasks for the team.

Export team data from the Export tab.

Once the process is complete, click Download GQueues Backup CSV.

Download the backup CSV file to backup your data.

This will save a CSV file to your computer, so you know your data is safely backed up.

❗️Please Note: Making any changes to the file type or editing data within the file will result in problems with importing it later on. Opening the file in a program like Excel or Google Sheets can make these kinds of changes in the background. So make sure to make a copy of the file before opening it in another program.

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