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Reorder tasks to reflect shifting priorities
Reorder tasks to reflect shifting priorities

How to change task order within a queue

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Queues forces you to prioritize some tasks over others, so it makes figuring out what to work on next pretty easy. All you have to do is see what’s at the top of the queue and get going. But your priorities aren’t static- an effective queue is a flexible queue. As your needs change, so should your task order. Here’s how:

Move tasks

Drag and drop

You can reorder tasks within a queue by clicking and dragging the numbered circle on the left side of the task.

If you want to move a task to a different queue, simply drag it over to the desired queue on the left.

Drag and drop tasks to reorder within a queue or move to a new queue

Keyboard shortcut

To reorder tasks without leaving the keyboard:

  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the task you want to move

  2. Press the number corresponding to the order you’d like it in

    1. 1 for first, 2 for second, etc.

    2. Press 0 to send a task to the end of the list

Use keyboard shortcuts to move tasks to specific positions within a queue

Reorder by date, date created, name, tag

Use the Reorder menu to reorder tasks by date, date created, name, or tag - ascending or descending.

❗️Please Note: This reorders all tasks, including subtasks. There is no undo button to get your original order back. To view tasks in a different order temporarily, try doing an advanced search for tasks in this queue and use the sort function.

Reorder all tasks within a queue by date, date created, title, or tag

After reordering:

Tasks in queue reordered by date ascending

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