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Stay focused with the Task Overview
Stay focused with the Task Overview

How to access and use the task overview

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Sometimes having the context of your entire queue’s tasks is helpful when determining how to tackle the specific task at hand. But it can also be distracting to see everything else on your plate. That’s where the Task Overview comes in.

Task Overview

The Task Overview allows you to see an individual task and its subtasks on its own. It’s useful for when you need to settle in and focus on completing one specific task without distractions until you get it done.

In this view, you can still change all the properties of the task, reorder subtasks and add new subtasks.

Open Task Overview

To view the Task Overview, click on the task’s More menu (3 vertical buttons) and choose Task Overview.

Open the task overview from the task More menu

You can also double click a task’s colored circle at any time to open the Task Overview.

Open the task overview by clicking the colored portion of the task

View archived subtasks

To view archived subtasks click the Show Archived checkbox.

Show archived subtasks in the task overview

❗️Please Note: You cannot move or reorder subtasks while viewing archived subtasks.

View the parent task

Click the Up arrow button to view the direct parent of the current task.

Go to the task overview for the parent task of the one currently viewed

Return to the full queue

Click the name of the queue to return to the current tasks’ queue.

Click the queue name at the top of the task overview to return to the full queue

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