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Get a link to reference your task to collaborators

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Linking to a task’s Overview makes sharing your tasks with others quick and easy. Eliminate confusion about which task you’re talking about (wait, did she mean the Run of Show for the Fall fundraiser or Spring???) by linking right to it 😄

Link to a task

To get a direct link to a task, click on the More menu (3 vertical dots) and choose Link.

Get a link for your task by clicking link from the More menu

This will automatically copy the link to your clipboard, and you can paste it wherever needed, including in the notes or comments of another task.

Task link can be copied to your clipboard.

The link will take you to the Task Overview.

❗️Please Note: If you want to give the link to others, remember only people with access to the task (through a team, shared queue, or assignment) will be able to view the Task Overview.

When to link to a task

Reference the task outside of GQueues

Not all communication about your tasks is going to happen within GQueues. When you need to refer to a task on a different platform, include a link! This will eliminate any confusion there might be about the specific task you’re talking about.

Reference the task in GQueues comments

If you need to refer to a task while commenting on another, add a link! Again, it will help minimize confusion to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Connect tasks in different queues

Sometimes tasks are related even if they’re not in the same queue. An easy way to manage this is to paste the link in the task notes.

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