When you sign up for a free trial of GQueues for BUSINESS, you'll have access to every feature in GQueues except centralized license management. Since free trials are granted to individual users and not organizations, centralized license management is only possible once a user has paid for a subscription under a unique domain name.

But if you want to test Teams and GQueues' collaboration features under real-world conditions, you need to be able to connect with your teammates. Here’s how!

Connect your team on a free trial of GQueues for BUSINESS

Invite your team with a signup link

When you start your free trial of GQueues for BUSINESS, you can invite other members of your team to join you by sending them this link:


Each of your teammates can then start a free trial of GQueues for BUSINESS individually and everyone will be able to interact with one another with the full collaboration features of GQueues for BUSINESS.

Start your paid subscription with your team

Once you’ve purchased a GQueues for BUSINESS subscription for your team, you'll have centralized license management with the ability to issue and revoke licenses for your company’s domain.

Any Teams or tasks you’ve created during the trial period will automatically be transferred to your paid subscription for a seamless transition.

What’s Next?

Add licenses to your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription
Change the license administrator for GQueues for BUSINESS
Issue and revoke licenses for GQueues for BUSINESS
Effortlessly manage projects when you create teams to accomplish your goals

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