Deactivate calendar syncing for your teams

How to remove your team calendars from Google Calendar

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As the team owner, you can deactivate team syncing with Google Calendar through the team settings. This will not impact those tasks in GQueues, but it will disable reminders for that team, and will remove the team calendar from all of your team members’ Google Calendars as well.

👉 Pro Tip: It’s best to leave calendar syncing activated if anyone else in your team benefits from it. If you don’t want to see a team’s tasks in your Google Calendar, try unchecking the calendar instead. If you’d rather not get the reminders, you can disable your reminders for that team.

Deactivate team calendar syncing

  1. Select Team Settings from the desired team’s dropdown menu.

    Open Team Settings from the left hand panel.

  2. Navigate to the Calendar tab and click Deactivate.

    Deactivate calendar syncing from the calendar tab of team settings

  3. Confirm calendar deactivation by clicking Deactivate.

    Confirm you'd like to deactivate calendar syncing

👉 Pro Tip: Deactivating and reactivating your calendar syncing can often fix syncing glitches between your GQueues teams and Google Calendar.

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