There can only be one owner at a time for teams in GQueues. The team owner is the only person with access to the team settings, and is therefore the person in charge of adding team members, adjusting permissions, managing tags and calendar syncing, publishing team queues, and deleting the team.

Whether you’re handing over a project to someone else, or just need to change who's responsible for the tasks above, transferring team ownership is quick and easy.

Transfer ownership

To transfer team ownership to someone else:

  1. Select Team settings from the team’s dropdown menu in the left hand panel.

    Open team settings from the lefthand panel
  2. On the General tab, click the Transfer ownership button.

    Select transfer ownership from the general tab of team settings

  3. Select an existing teammate from the dropdown to be the new team owner and click the Transfer Ownership button.

    Select a current member to transfer ownership to

Please Note: You can only transfer ownership to someone who is already a member of the team. If you want the new team owner to be someone who is not currently on the team, you must add them to the team first.

The selected person will receive a notification they are the new team owner. Your role will be changed to Manager and you will no longer be able to access the team settings.

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