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Leave a team you no longer need to participate in
Leave a team you no longer need to participate in

How to exit a team that's no longer relevant to your work

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Teams are a great collaboration tool because they help make sure everyone working on a project has access to the same information. If your work on a project ends, you can leave the team to free up mental and digital space in your account.

Leave a team

As a team member

If you are a member of a team you no longer need access to, you can voluntarily leave the team.

❗️Please Note: If you want to rejoin the team, you must contact the team owner and ask them to add you again.

  1. Click the dropdown menu for the team you want to leave in the left hand panel and select Leave team.

    Leave a team from the lefthand panel

  2. Confirm you want to leave and choose whether you want to retain access to files within the team.

    Confirm you want to leave the team
    Confirm attachment permissions

👉 Pro Tip: If you still want to be able to view the tasks in a team, but don’t want it taking up as much of your workspace, try reorganizing your left hand panel and editing your reminders and notifications for queues in that team instead.

As a team owner

If you are the team owner, you'll need to transfer ownership to someone else before you can leave the team following the steps above.

If you are the sole member of the team, another option is to delete the team. But you should only do this if you're sure you won’t want access to this data later on, or export the team data first.

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