Move tasks between Team Queues and My Queues

Drag and drop tasks from one team to another or from a team to a personal category

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Moving tasks between different teams works the same as when you move tasks from one category to another in My Queues - just drag and drop! But because teams have member roles, you’ll need to make sure you have permission to move tasks on both ends of the transfer.

Drag tasks between Teams or My Queues

You can move tasks from a queue in one team to a queue in another team, or to a queue in My Queues. However, you must be a collaborator, manager, or team owner to reorder tasks in Teams.

That means if you are a manager in the Marketing team, but a viewer in HR, you won’t be able to move tasks between those teams. But you can move tasks from the Marketing team to your My Queues, and vice versa.

Drag and drop tasks from one team to another where you are a manger in both

👉 Pro Tip: If you are a collaborator or above, you can also copy tasks into other Teams or My Queues.

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