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Set team member roles to manage access to tasks
Set team member roles to manage access to tasks

Learn what each role’s permissions are, how to change team member roles, and how to remove members from your team

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Delegating tasks with GQueues is easy, especially when you take advantage of teams. When you create your team, you can empower your teammates to manage their duties successfully by assigning roles based on the key features you want them to access.

Member roles and permissions

Each team member has a role. A role defines what kinds of actions team members can take. The following table describes what activities users in each role can perform.

See which role has which permissions.

Add team members and change roles

As the team owner, you can give people the freedom they need to get things done and set permissions so folks won’t take incorrect actions by mistake.

The team owner will need to set roles when you first add people to your team, but the owner can also change those roles at any time. To do this, open Team Settings from the menu, and go to the Members panel.

Open team settings from the drop down menu.

Click the dropdown menu for the team member and choose the desired role.

Change member roles with the dropdown menu from the Members tab.

Remove team members

It’s easy to keep your teams up-to-date when you go through changes. The team owner can remove a team member from the Members panel in the Team Settings.

Click the menu for the team member and choose Remove member.

Remove a member by accessing the drop down menu from the Members tab.

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