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Work with tasks in the iOS app

Create tasks, subtasks and repeating tasks, add tasks from within the app, using voice input, from Gmail, and from other apps on your phone

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There are lots of ways to create tasks in the mobile app. We go over all of them here so you can figure out the way that works best for you:

Add a new task

Tap the plus (+) button to add a new task at any time.

Tap the plus (+) button to create a new task

If you are in a specific queue, the task will be added to that queue. Otherwise the task will be added to your Inbox.

Enter task name
Tap Create to finish adding the task

Tap the Edit task... button to specify the task details or change the queue.

Tap "Edit Task" to enter more task details

Add multiple tasks

To add several tasks in a row, tap and hold the Create button after typing your first task.

Once you've entered task details, hold down the "Create" button to add another task right away

The task will be created and you can begin typing your next task without tapping the plus (+) button again.

Start adding your new task right away
Add task name for new task

Add a repeating task

To create a repeating task edit the task, set a date and tap the Set repetition field.

Tap "Set repetition" on the first instance of a task to make it a repeating task

Choose the repetition pattern desired and tap Done.

Tap "Done" once the repeating pattern is set

Now your task is set to repeat according to the pattern.

Whenever you complete a repeating task a new instance will be generated based on the pattern.

The repeating pattern will show in task notes

Add a subtask to an existing task

To create a subtask, swipe left on the parent task and tap the More actions button.

Swipe left to open More menu

Then choose the Add subtask menu option.

Tap "Add Subtask" to create a subtask under the current task

Or from the task details you can tap the Add subtask button.

From the task details, select "Add Subtask" from the task menu

Enter the details for the subtask and save it. The number of subtasks will now appear on the task which you can tap to view the list of subtasks.

There will be a number icon to the right of the parent task to indicate how many subtasks it has

Make an existing task a subtask

To make an existing task a subtask, position the task underneath the task you want to be the parent, swipe left and tap the More actions button.

Swipe left to open More menu

Then choose the Make subtask menu option.

Select "Make subtask" to turn the current task into a subtask of the task above it in the queue

Make an existing subtask a standalone task

To make an existing subtask no longer a subtask swipe left and tap the More actions button.

Swipe left to open More menu

Then choose the Make supertask menu option.

Tap "Make supertask" to move the subtask up a level

Add tasks using voice input

When adding a new task tap the microphone to speak your task instead of typing.

When creating a task, tap the microphone to add a task with voice input

The text will appear which you can edit if needed.

Anything you say will appear as text in the task name

Quick Add syntax can be used to enter task details inline.

Add tasks from Gmail

You can turn emails into tasks from within your Gmail app on your mobile device. While viewing the email you'd like to associate with a task, scroll to the bottom of the email and tap the GQueues icon in the Available Add-ons section.

In the Gmail app, scroll to available add-ons and tap on the GQueues icon

To view the Add-on in full-screen mode tap the header bar and it will expand.

Double tap the GQueues banner to see the add-on in full screen

Set the details for the task as desired.

Add task details as desired from your Gmail app

Scroll to the bottom and tap the Create Task button.

Click "Create Task" to associate the email to the task and add it in GQueues all at once

❗️Please Note: Google hasn't updated the iPad Gmail app to include add-ons. Until they release an update that will allow users to access their add-ons while using their iPad, GQueues users can only access the Google Workspace Add-on on the web and the iPhone app.

Add tasks from other apps

You can create tasks from other apps on your phone that support the Share button.

For instance, in Safari you can create a task out of a web page by tapping the Share button.

Click the Share button to create a task from other apps

The first time you will may to activate GQueues by tapping the More button and switching on GQueues.

The first time you do this you'll need to click the More button
Then add GQueues from the list of available apps

Then you can tap the GQueues icon to create a task.

Once it's added, you can tap the GQueues icon to create a task

If you have multiple GQueues accounts you can choose which account to create the task in by tapping the email address at the top of the screen.

Select the queue where you want to create the task and other task details, then tap Create.

Add task details before creating in your preferred GQueues account

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