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Update your account email address
Update your account email address

How to change the email address for your GQueues account

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Whether you want to update your email address to reflect recent work or life changes or you just want to change which email you use for GQueues, here’s how to update your account.

Personal or non-Google Workspace Email

👉 Pro Tip: If your email is set up through Google Workspace, your Google Admin can edit your email address there and your account will update automatically.

If you’re updating your personal email address (it’s finally time to leave behind that old email address from high school!) or you just want to change which account you use with GQueues, you’ll need to transfer your GQueues license and data to the new email address. If you've created a completely new Google Workspace account and want to transfer your GQueues account over to match, these are the steps to follow as well.

  1. Export your data from your original account.

  2. Create a GQueues account for your new email address by logging in to GQueues with that email.

  3. Import your data into your new account

  4. If you have a paid GQueues subscription, transfer your license to the new account.

  5. Have team owners add your new email address to any teams you're a part of.

  6. If you had individual queues shared with you, ask the queue owner to share relevant queues with your new email address.

  7. If you're also the license admin, you'll need to log in with your old email to change the license admin email address so you still have the ability to issue and revoke licenses on your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription.

Google Workspace Email

The primary email address for your Google Account is used as the email address for your GQueues account. If you update your email right through Google Workspace, your data and license will automatically transfer over in GQueues. 😊

The primary email address for a Google Workspace account can be changed through the Google Workspace Admin Console. See Google’s steps to make that update. This is especially useful if you’ve changed your name and want your email to reflect that.

❗️Please Note: If you want to update your entire domain, follow Google's steps to change your primary domain. If you follow these steps, then GQueues should notice the change without interruption to your account. If you create a completely new domain or are otherwise unable to update your primary domain, please follow the steps above.

After you change the email address in the Admin Console, you’ll have the opportunity to update your email for GQueues the next time you log in. You must log out and log back in for the change to take effect.

GQueues profile dropdown with Sign out button circled

The next time you sign in, GQueues will detect the new email address and prompt you for action. You’ll have the option to update the account to the new email address, keep the old email address, or decide later, at which point you’ll be prompted again the next time you sign in.

GQueues message noting Email Address Change detected

Choosing to update the email address will change the email for this account, and all assignments and shared queues will be updated appropriately.

All of the data for the account is preserved, and your license will be transferred to your new email automatically. If you're the license admin for a GQueues for BUSINESS subscription, the admin role will automatically be transferred to your new email as well.

Emails change, but with a few simple steps, you can make sure your GQueues data follows suit so you don’t lose a thing.

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