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Update your GQueues for BUSINESS domain to reflect changes in your business
Update your GQueues for BUSINESS domain to reflect changes in your business

How to update your domain for your BUSINESS subscription and how that will affect the rest of your account

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Whether you make changes to your domain name in Google Workspace, you’re using a new domain for your business, or if you want to change how GQueues identifies and groups your subscriptions, you can update your domain name so it’s always accurate.

Change your domain name in GQueues

What does your domain name in GQueues mean?

When you purchase a BUSINESS subscription, the name you choose for your domain is the unique identifier for your subscription. It also makes it possible for GQueues to auto-issue licenses and list the members of your domain from your Business Subscription Page if you’ve installed GQueues on your Google Workspace domain.

The name you choose doesn’t need to be associated with an existing domain. If you don’t have one, then you can put whatever you like in that box as it will simply be an identifier to group your licenses.

However, if you have installed GQueues on your Google Workspace domain, be sure to update your domain name in GQueues, as this will affect which users are listed when you issue licenses from the subscription management page, and GQueues’ ability to auto-issue licenses.

GQueues license admin issuing license through list of domain users

Only the email addresses matching the domain name specified in GQueues will be listed in your Domain Users list.

How to update your domain name

To update your domain name, logged in as the license admin, go to the Account tab in GQueues Settings.

Then, click manage to go to the subscription management page.

License Admin view of GQueues account tab with link to manage licenses

On the top right side of your screen, click the button that says Update Domain.

GQueues Business Subscription Page with button to Update Domain

Enter the new domain name in the text field that appears and click Update.

Click Update to confirm your domain name change

(If you’ve changed your domain in Google Workspace, double check to ensure that what you enter matches that new domain name.)

All existing members who have been issued licenses will still maintain their licensure, and this update won’t change any functionality for existing teams or team members.

Change your domain name in Google Workspace

If you’re changing your business domain in Google Workspace and migrating your current team members to the new domain, this can be taken care of in the Admin Console from Google Workspace. This is useful when you’re rebranding and updating your business domain name.

When your team members sign out of their GQueues accounts and back in after the changes are made, they will be prompted to update their email address to the new domain name.

These email address changes will be reflected on the subscription management page, but the domain name in GQueues will still need to be manually changed following steps above as a final step in the process so that it's consistent with your new domain name.

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