Recurring tasks in Google Calendar

Repeating events don’t sync with GQueues when created from Google Calendar. Here’s all you need to know when creating recurring tasks.

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Repeating tasks in GQueues work differently than repeating events in Google Calendar. Learn exactly what to expect when you create recurring tasks in GQueues.

Every task recurrence is its own event

Recurring tasks from GQueues

Recurring tasks in GQueues work slightly differently than what we’re used to in Google Calendar.

The main difference is that only the very next occurrence in the series displays on your Calendar.

GQueues will display one occurrence of the task at a time.

GQueues displays the very next occurrence of a recurring task.

With repeating Calendar events, we’re used to seeing each event in the series displaying indefinitely into the future.

With GQueues, each event corresponds with a task, so only one occurrence displays at a time in your Calendar.

Google Calendar only displays the very next occurrence of a recurring event.

Once you mark the task complete, GQueues will automatically generate the next task in the series.

Complete a task to see the next occurrence in GQueues.

And the next event will display in Google Calendar, as scheduled.

A new event appears in Google Calendar when a previous occurrence is deleted.

Creating repeating events from Google Calendar

Repeating tasks can only be created from within GQueues.

Simply creating a repeating Calendar event on your GQueues Calendar does NOT sync with GQueues and will not be added to your Inbox or task lists. The task will be ignored.

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