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Complete, archive, and delete tasks
Complete, archive, and delete tasks

How to remove tasks from your workspace

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Is there any better feeling than crossing off a task on your to-do list? Whether you’ve completed a task or it’s just no longer necessary, you can make sure it doesn’t take up any of your mental space by removing it from your queue.

Mark tasks complete

To mark a task complete, hover your mouse over the task and click the checkmark. You can also check off a task by pressing c while on the current task.

Depending on your checkmark settings, the task will either be crossed off while remaining in the active list or completed and archived.

Mark task complete by clicking the checkbox

If you want to change your checkmark action it so checking the box always sends tasks to the archive or always crosses them out, you can do that from the Tasks tab of your GQueues settings.

👉 Pro Tip: You can archive completed tasks by holding down the shift key while clicking the checkmark, regardless of your checkmark settings.

Archive crossed off tasks

You can archive all active, completed tasks in a queue by choosing Archive Completed from the queue dropdown menu in the left-hand panel.

Archive all completed tasks for a queue from the lefthand panel

If you want to move a single crossed off task to the archive, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift + C to send just that task to the archive.

Access archived tasks

You can access archived tasks by toggling to the Archive view in the queue.

Move a task back to the Active portion of the queue by locating it in your archive and clicking the checkbox. View archived tasks for a queue by toggling to the Archived tab

You can move any tasks back to the Active portion of the queue by clicking the checkmark again.

Move an archived task back to the active portion of the queue by clicking the checkbox again

Archived tasks will stay there indefinitely for you to reference in the future. So if you don't want to have a task hanging around and want your archived tasks load quicker, you should delete the task instead.

Delete a task

Deleting a task is useful if you no longer need to complete it, or if you don’t need to reference it in the future and would rather not have it taking up space in your Archive.

To delete a task, hover your mouse over it and click the trash button.

Delete a task by clicking the trash icon

Undo delete

When you move a task to the Trash, a confirmation message will appear at the bottom left of the page.

Click the Undo button to restore the task back to the queue.

Undo delete a task

❗️Please Note: Undo is not available when you move a task with subtasks to the Trash. In this situation, you must go to the Trash and restore each task/subtask individually.

Delete archived tasks

If you don’t want old tasks taking up space in your archive, you can delete all archived tasks in a queue in one fell swoop. There are two ways to do this:

  • Choose Delete archived tasks from the queue’s dropdown menu in the left hand panel

    Delete all archived tasks in a queue


  • If you're already viewing a queue’s archive, click the Delete archived tasks button.

    Delete all archived tasks for a queue

    ❗️Please Note: If you have a large number of archived tasks, it might take some time for you to see them removed. But never fear! Things are working as they should. This starts a process that runs in the background to remove your archived tasks. If you're concerned it isn't working, don't click the button again. Just let it do its thing, then check later that day to see if the archived tasks are removed.

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