Show or hide task properties

Adjust whether assignments, attachments, notes, subtasks, tags or date created are shown on your tasks when you first open a queue

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GQueues gives you the tools to make sure everything you need to complete a task lives right within the task itself. Depending on your work, some of that information will be more relevant than others. You can choose to show or hide different parts of a task so you only see what’s relevant to the task at hand.

Show or hide task properties for a single task

Once information has been added to a task, you can also hide it by clicking the icon again. For instance, if you want to hide attachments and assignments so you can focus in on reading the notes for a task, just click the attachment and assignment icon again to hone in on the information that's relevant to you right now.

You'll still have a visual indicator that data is hidden because the icons will still be visible. Just click them again to show the information. And the next time you return to the queue, all task information will display based on your default settings.

Show or hide task properties for all tasks in a queue

While viewing a queue, you can adjust which parts of the tasks are shown or hidden. This will affect all tasks in that queue. If you leave the queue and return to it later, it will show task properties based on your default settings.

Select the Show/Hide dropdown menu and choose the attributes you want to show or hide for all tasks in that queue.

Set default view for task properties across all queues

Whenever you load a queue, the parts of the task that are visible or hidden depend on your default preferences. The information you choose to show in your settings will apply to all queues in your account.

To set your default preferences, navigate to the Queues tab of your Settings. Under Display select what task attributes you want to show by default when opening a queue.

Set defaults for which properties automatically display for tasks when you open a queue

👉 Pro Tip: You can also access these settings by selecting Set defaults from the Show/hide dropdown menu:

Set defaults for what task properties automatically display when you open a queue from the show/hide dropdown menu

If data doesn’t exist for a particular task, those properties will appear blank. In the queue below, each task contains different information based on available data. However all tasks show all assignments, tags, and notes when available. You can rest assured knowing GQueues will show all information available according to your preferences. 😊

Tasks with properties shown

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