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Creating tasks from anywhere
Organize on the go with the GQueues mobile apps
Organize on the go with the GQueues mobile apps

Hidden gems of the Android and iOS mobile apps, and how to download them

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The GQueues mobile apps are awesome for accessing your tasks no matter where you are. The benefit of being able to manage your tasks while you're on the move is pretty clear, especially if you have a job where you're out in the field, or you just like to be able to check your to do list while you're running errands.

But there are also some super useful features unique to the mobile version of GQueues! Learn our top tips for using GQueues on your phone. πŸ“±

Download the GQueues mobile app


Available only with a paid GQueues subscription or a free trial.

Download the GQueues app from Google Play


Available for iPhone and iPad, only with a paid GQueues subscription or a free trial.

Download the GQueues app from the App Store

Best practices for the GQueues mobile apps

Create a dashboard on your home screen with widgets

For the queues you're in the most, or those highest priority tasks, widgets are a game-changers. They're essentially a preview of queues that you specify, and make it that much easier to see what you have on your plate. One of our favorites to include here is the Due Today Smart Queue, so you see your work with pressing deadlines first ⏱️

Create a task dashboard with widgets

Learn more about widgets for Android and widgets for iOS

Use voice input to add new tasks

If you love speaking out your texts, you'll love voice input. Just tap the microphone and start talking. GQueues will dictate what you say in the task title.

πŸ‘‰ Pro Tip: Voice input takes Quick Add into account, so you can say the task date, time, duration, etc. to enter task details at the same time. And you don't even need to remember the syntax! Just say what you want, and GQueues does the rest.

Add task using voice input

Add tasks from other apps

If you like the GQueues Chrome Extension, you know how easy it is to create tasks from web pages while on your laptop. You can also do this on your mobile device!

While browsing on Chrome or Safari, tap the Share button to quickly make a task. The title and URL will be automatically inserted, making it super easy to save anything important you come across.

Create tasks from other apps

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