While Google Tasks covers the basics, GQueues adds tagging, advanced searching, reporting, sharing and much more. If you work with a team, sharing tasks within GQueues will give you much more of the functionality you need for a collaborative work management tool.

If you already have some tasks in Google Tasks, you can move them into GQueues in a few quick steps so the transition is as simple and seamless as possible.

Import your Google Tasks into GQueues

❗️Please Note: This is a one-time import and GQueues does not sync back and forth with Google Tasks due to all the additional functionality found in GQueues.

To perform your one-time import from Google Tasks:

  1. Go to the Import/Export tab of GQueues Settings. Click Import from Google Tasks.

    Select Import from Google Tasks from GQueues Settings
  2. GQueues will prompt you to allow access to view the data in your Google Tasks. Click Allow.

    Allow GQueues to access your Google Tasks to initiate the import

  3. GQueues takes care of the rest, importing your lists and all tasks, including completed tasks!

  4. Your imported lists and tasks will appear in a new Category called Google Tasks Import

    Tasks imported from Google Tasks

  5. Re-organize your tasks and queues as needed.

👉 Pro Tip: You can import Google Task lists directly into Teams as well! That also lets you pick specific lists to bring over.

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