David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) is a personal productivity methodology that redefines how you approach your life and work. GQueues is an excellent tool to use with GTD so you can be more productive and less stressed.

GQueues helps you Get Things Done

At its core, GTD is about moving all your tasks out of your head and into an organized, trusted system so you can concentrate on your work instead of stressing about remembering everything. GQueues is the perfect tool to put to use every step of the way.

There are 5 stages of GTD: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, Engage.


The capture stage is all about writing, recording, or gathering anything and everything that has your attention. You should record everything that’s in your head, even if you’re not sure what to do with it yet.

GQueues makes it easy to capture new ideas and incoming information. You can quickly and easily add new tasks using the mobile app when you’re on the go. Or, you can add new tasks from Gmail, from Google Calendar, and even from your browser using the Chrome Extension so that you can store whatever comes to mind.

Use the Chrome Extension to create a task from any webpage

By default, tasks you create from Gmail, Calendar, and the Chrome Extension go to your Inbox queue. You can think of your Inbox as a convenient landing site for all your tasks.


The next step is to process what these recorded ideas mean by organizing your ideas into tasks.

Sort your tasks by using tags and adding notes. Are there actionable tasks on your list? If so, decide the next action to take.

You can organize the steps and information needed to complete a task by using subtasks. You can have multiple layers of subtasks that all live under the same main task, making it simple to clarify your projects.

Use subtasks to organize your tasks.

If someone else needs to take action, you can easily delegate tasks using the Assignment feature.

Just assign the task to your team member and it will go straight to their Assignments queue.

Delegate your work using Assignments.


You’ve started to get a good idea of which ideas are actionable, which items should be assigned to others, and what goes into completing some of these tasks. The Organize stage is about taking your recorded ideas and putting them into the right places to start getting things done.

Create a new category and then add queues according to what your work and personal life needs.

Create Categories and Queues to meet your work and personal needs

Set due dates and reminders for the tasks you’re ready to take action on, or make a “Someday” queue for the items you’ll work on someday, but not now.

Remember the Inbox queue? All the tasks you create from outside of GQueues are conveniently compiled into one location. Now, in the Organize stage, drag items from the Inbox into the new Categories and Queues you’ve created.

Sort items from the Inbox into different queues

👉 Pro Tip: Activate Google Calendar Syncing so you can see your tasks listed on their due dates right alongside your other Calendar events. This provides an easy visual way to make sure your tasks aren’t conflicting with other items on your schedule.


This stage is all about reviewing your system contents to make sure your action items stay relevant. It’s important to review your goals and action items frequently.

Using Smart Queues, you can see what’s due today, due within a week, and even create your own Smart Queue with custom filters, so you can easily start completing tasks and Getting Things Done.

The Due Today queue lets you see your items with hard deadlines that are due today, while Due in a Week shows you everything coming up in the next week. Reviewing these Smart Queues and making your own is a great way to use GQueues for this stage of GTD.

Use Smart Queues to review and update your action items


The final stage of GTD is to simply do.

Make decisions with confidence and clarity knowing that everything you need to meet your goals is available with GQueues. When you’ve taken action and completed your tasks, you can mark them complete by clicking the checkmark by the task name.

GQueues is your trusted system to reduce everyday stress and increase happiness. It’s your personal space to capture your thoughts, clarify your priorities, and organize your projects, so you can take a deep breath knowing that now you can easily and effectively get it all done.

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