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What's the difference between reminders and notifications?
What's the difference between reminders and notifications?

Here's what makes reminders and notifications different

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It's pretty easy to get the terms "Reminders" and "Notifications" mixed up, but they actually refer to two separate things. Here are the key differences between the two so you know exactly what to look for when adjusting settings or reaching out for assistance.


Reminders can be set up when you create and date a task. They work through Google Calendar to simply let you know when the due date for a task is approaching.

Reminder dropdown for a task in GQueues

❗️Please Note: In order to use reminders, Calendar Syncing must be turned on.


Notifications alert you about actions others take in your Team Queues and Shared Queues. This includes when tasks are created or their details are changed, when comments are made, when tasks are assigned, when assignments are completed or declined, and more:

Notification settings for others' activity on shared tasks in GQueues

You can change your notification settings to control what kinds of emails you receive for the information you want to keep track of, and you can also set notification settings for specific queues.

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